Tofu has many uses in a Whole Food Plant Based diet, because it is minimally processed, and is a good source of protein. There are different types of tofu, and it is fun to try the different ones, as they each have a different texture.

For me, UHT Silken Tofu is a game changer for making creamy style dips, sauces and dressings. In our house, we call it “Blue Tofu”, because of its packaging:

In New Zealand, you can find UHT Silken Tofu in the International aisle of your supermarket. I usually buy ours at Countdown.

Being UHT, Blue Tofu has long shelf life, so doesn’t need refrigerating. I do, however, like to keep it in the fridge. The mayos and dips I make from it are often best served cold, so it makes sense to start with cold tofu. Being long life, there is never any harm or waste in keeping a block or two on standby in the fridge door.

You will find it dotted around this website, being used for things like: